Sheila Rennick
(1983- )

Born in County Galway, Ireland, in 1983, Rennick was educated at the National College of Art Design (NCAD) in Dublin and at Byam Shaw School of Art Central St Martin’s in London, where she took an MA in Fine Art Painting and Art History. Rennick received the CAP Foundation Award in 2004/5 and a painting prize at the Jerwood Contemporary Painters in 2007. Rennick lives and works in London.

"The style of painting matches subject matter rarely better in the grotesqueries of Sheila Rennick, who uses thick impasto as the paint piles up like meringues in her portaits of pastel tastlelessnesss.”
Kate Butler, The Sunday Times

“Each of Rennick’s paintings is like a short story. She zeroes in on an incident, a character (human as well as animal), or a mood, and lets it blossom and unfold in the space of the canvas, elaborated in thick, clotted masses of luscious if distinctly curdled oil pigment. She is mischievous and relishes that curdled quality, the way sweet colours turn sour through sheer excess... Time and again in her paintings there is a sense of the cruel disjuncture between the subjective idea or self image and the startling reality.”
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times

“The limits of taste and popular culture, and whether it should be distinct from theedges of ‘fine’ art, are what underpin the comic provocations of such works as Sheila Rennick’s Rex”.
J J Charlesworth, Jerwood Contemporary Painters Catalogue

Selected Exhibitions
2016 Something for nothing, Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland
2015 Futures Anthology, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland
2011 solas nua, Washington DC, USA
2011 Futures, RHA Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2011 Lust, Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland
2011 The Fold, VISUAL, Carlow, Ireland
2011 Sheila Rennick: A Dog’s Dinner, Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Hot Body/Ugly Face Syndrome, National College of Art and Design Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Dodgy Heaven, Ashford Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland
2007 High Heels and Bulldogs, Monstertruck Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

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